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Apple HomePods is hard to find place

Apple HomePods is hard to find place
Apple HomePods is hard to find place

Apple HomePods is hard to find place

After the iPhone X and the Apple Watch Series 3, another Apple product seems to have a hard time finding takers.

The new toy Apple is already struggling. According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company will indeed have to reduce orders and sales forecasts for HomePod.

The connected speaker of Apple, arrived on the market last February (the United States and England), does not find its public. Amazon, widely leader in the sector, would truster today 73% of market share against 14% for Google.

Apple would arrive behind, at less than 5%. Which in itself is not so bad for a product just put on sale. Except that we are talking about Apple.

Bloomberg’s information is confirmed by the China Times which indicates that production would increase from 500,000 to 200,000 units per month.

The HomePod suffers from two major problems: the intelligent assistant Siri is, for the moment, much less competent than Alexa and Google, and the speaker costs 349 dollars, or 200 dollars more than its competitors.

If the quality of sound is recognized by all those who have tested the HomePod, Apple has a little forgotten the “connected” and affordable side of this kind of product.

The HomePod is, as always at Apple, a closed product that only accepts iPhone , iPad and other Apple Watch as friends.Devices that are accepted by Amazo Alexa, Google Home and company …



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