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David Beckham Launches His own Brand House 99

David Beckham Launches His own Brand House 99
David Beckham Launches His own Brand House 99

David Beckham Launches His own Brand House 99

David Beckham: “Before, I was puncturing Victoria’s creams”

The glam icon of the round balloon launches a new brand of cosmetics, House 99. Moisturizing cream, hair, beard or special tattoo … Twenty-one products to finally play as Beckham. With two or three details.

The year 1999 was exceptional for David Beckham. A first child (Brooklyn), a wedding with whom we know, a league-championship tripled with Manchester United…

The superstar of football did not have to look far to baptize his brand of twenty-one cosmetics “House 99”

“House” referring to the collective spirit and big family to which he says much to hold.

A savvy businessman who has in the past lent his name to many brands, the most flexible man in the world says he has never invested so much in a project (except in the field, of course):

“It represents two years working. I tested each formula at each step of the development, gave my opinion on the textures, discussed with the laboratory technicians. It’s not just comm ‘, really. The important thing is not my signature, it’s that the products are good. And they are. Promised.

When and how did you start taking care of yourself?
I have been married for almost twenty years. For a long time, the majority of my products came from the side of the bathroom reserved for my wife. I stung her creams …

She never knew but then, suddenly, she will know (laughs). And over the years, it has become a habit, quite simply.

What does your grooming routine look like?
It’s quick and easy. I have four children, three of whom I have to take to school. They are my priority in the morning.

So a quick shower, moisturizing balm, a little hair material, beard oil and go! When I started wearing this beard, Victoria said, “OK, but she must be sweet and feel good. So I’ve been sluggish in oil for four years and, at first sight, Victoria likes it.

An urban legend tells that you have a hairdresser and a stylist at home, which would explain your pompadour always perfect …
Really? So clearly no! I would love someone to help me get dressed every morning but I guarantee you that is not the case.

Apart from the shootings, I do everything alone. No hairdresser at home. People really think that ???

You have changed haircuts hundreds of times. How did you find inspiration? Were you advised?
There is not really any secret or image strategy behind all these haircuts. I saw someone on the street with such a style and I said to myself,

“Well, what if I tried that? Or I could go to bed with long hair and wake up with the desire to shave them. And I did it, according to my moods. It’s that simple.

You know that Antoine Griezmann voluntarily copies your style, your old hairstyles …? This is your biggest fan.
I love this player, a real talent. One of the best in the world right now. We already met: he’s a very nice guy, very humble, nice mouth. And I love the way he looks (laughs).

What is the essential beauty product that an athlete must have at hand?
A moisturizer, definitely. When I travel, it’s THE thing I make sure I do not forget. We live all the time outside, in different climates, we shower two or three times a day, we sweat … All the athletes pay attention to that.

Footballers all say they love clothes, fashion. Are they at the grooming level?
Yes, I find! It was not that important fifteen years ago, but in general, footballers are very aware of being public figures, what they wear, and so on.

From the color of their crampons to the quality of their headphones to the suit they wear when arriving at the stadium, most pay attention to everything.

What’s the secret to staying sharp as you are at 42?
I try to train as often as possible. Cycling, a bit of CrossFit – it’s a tough sport, terrible even! I run a little but it’s less my thing – I have run enough on a football field (laughs). And I have my children. They keep me in shape!


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