Néstor Pitana using the spray at the opening match of the 2018 World Cup in Russia (Reuters)

FIFA On The Ropes For The Evanescent Spray Trial Used By Referees

The entity that governs international football would be forced to stop using the system promoted by an Argentine and a Brazilian before the 2014 World Cup

A new chapter was written in the novel for the rights to use the evanescent spray, which is part of the usual equipment of referees at the international level. After the demand of the Argentine Pablo Silva and the Brazilian Heine Allemagne for 100 million dollars against FIFA, there was an appeal by the international federation but the Brazilian Justice ratified the precautionary measure.

“FIFA will not be able to use the aerosol anymore, this will be paralyzed,” Silva told Infobae , in communication from Europe, where he gave interviews to several media in that continent.

The Chamber judge could begin to seize the accounts and property of FIFA in the near future, if the football entity does not reach an agreement with the duo to which the product patent belongs or continues to use it (the estimated fines they are $ 15,000 per game).

The Argentine Pablo Silva with his invention
The Argentine Pablo Silva with his invention

The aerosol was used for the first time internationally in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and had continuity in Russia 2018. In between, it was obviously used in the most important leagues in the world, as well as in continental competitions such as the Champions League and the Copa Libertadores .

Silva, who placed VAR at the height of his product because of its importance in the game, assured that they are in a position to sit down and close an agreement with FIFA officials. Although for the moment it is unknown what position will adopt Gianni Infantino and company.








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