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Harry and Meghan A Holiday in England

Harry and Meghan A Holiday in England
Harry and Meghan A Holiday in England

Harry and Meghan A Holiday in England

The marriage of Meghan and Harry, a global event, but especially followed in Britain. The fans had gathered to follow the event, as in London.

To be closer to the bride and groom, many people had gathered in Windsor. The BBC even spoke about 120,000 present to see Meghan and Harry. In London, the event was also followed, but in a more measured way. This love story is still a dream for the British. In the capital, hundreds of fans of the royal family had gathered in the royal gardens of Kensington, with as a moment, the exchange of consents.

“The atmosphere is really great, everyone is very happy, the weather is nice, it’s nice,” said an Englishwoman. “Meghan and Harry look so in love,” says an Asian tourist.

Celebration day Of Harry and Meghan

A “religious” silence during the ceremony until the appearance of the American Reverend who made laugh the British, unaccustomed to that.

 “It’s very American and French,” slips even an Englishman present on site. Others emphasize the efforts made by the royal family to stay in tune with the times. The day ended than in the parks, then in the bars to celebrate this moment and follow the final of the FA Cup of England.



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