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ICC Start Taking Action On Street Cricket

ICC Start Taking Action On Street Cricket
ICC Start Taking Action On Street Cricket

Icc Start Taking Action On Street Cricket

The International Cricket Council has decided to take out a video on Twitter made in Pakistan.

ICC has said in a tweet Tuesday that a person named Hamza sent us this video and asked the ICC decision. ‘This video can be seen in the field that matches the batting shot in the field

But the ball turns on the wickets passing through the Batsman’s legs. ‘Batsman is unfortunate and under the ICC law 32.1 it … Outside. Even in the video, the decision was taken out even after the Batsman’s protest, and now the ICC has also supported this decision.

The ICC decision on this post has made a lot of opposition but There is a difference in this, in which part of this cricket was being played in Pakistan. Someone is saying it is Pakistan’s

If there is mountainous areas, someone is saying that province is from Sindh. One of the Twitter users Hamalullah Soho has said that Batman’s protest and what has been discussed in English is something like this: “Batman: How to Is out The ball is back from the distance. ‘Blubber: Go, go it was out. Botsman: I will not play with you guys! This is a huge disaster.


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