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Industry worried about Salman Khan 5 year Jail

Industry worried about Salman Khan 5 year Jail
Industry worried about Salman Khan 5 year Jail

Industry worried about Salman Khan 5 year Jail

The sulky Indian superstar Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in prison for killing two Indian antelopes in 1998, a protected species.

The bad boy of Indian cinema, the colossus with superhuman muscles and invincible hero of the big screen, has just fallen for killing two harmless Indian antelopes.

Salman Khan, one of the biggest stars of the 7 th art in Hindi, was sentenced to five years in prison for poaching of these protected animals during a hunting expedition conducted in 1998 around four Jodhpur other actors.

The latter, including the famous Saif Ali Khan, were acquitted, for lack of evidence, while Salman Khan was sentenced to this heavy sentence, in addition to a fine of 10,000 rupees.

He will spend the night in Jodhpur Central Prison and his lawyers will ask for his bail on Friday morning.

“Habitual offender”

This is the fourth time in twenty years that the sulfurous actor of 52 years, the best paid Indian industry in 2015 with an annual income of 26 million euros, is sent behind bars, in this case, pursued stubbornly. by the local Bishnoi community, known for their defense of the Rajasthan environment.

He has already been convicted on the first appeal in two other complaints related to this poaching but he has each time, managed to be cleared on appeal.

The magistrates of Jodhpur justified their sentence by the fact that Salman Khan was a “habitual delinquent”. 

The star has already been sentenced in 2015 for manslaughter: the Bombay judges found him guilty of killing a homeless man sleeping on a sidewalk, rolling him over with his big sports car in 2002.

There again, his army of lawyers managed to delay the proceedings for more than a decade; a policeman witnessing the scene, accusing him of the crime and apparently incorruptible was kidnapped before dying in shady conditions.

Once again, as in one of his blockbuster films in which he portrays romantic and indestructible heroes, Salman Khan passed through the cracks of justice with an appeal that acquitted him in December 2015.

Industry worried

These setbacks make Salman Khan one of the most controversial figures in Indian cinema. It has hundreds of thousands of hardcore fans, who admire his image of “big brother” always ready to protect febrile and enamored women with his iron muscles.

Hundreds and stick together every weekend under the windows of his building in Bandra Bay, Bombay, hoping to see their idol. They say that these court cases are fabricated and believe in the “goodness” of their demi-god.

Because the violent Salman Khan has sought to improve his image: he created in 2007 a foundation, aptly called “Being Human”, which sells T-shirts, part of whose income is used to help children with disabilities or poor.

But many are not fooled:“He’s a stupid, violent man. A real mafia godfather “, Supriya, a young woman from New Delhi, gets carried away.

It is likely that the guy is quickly released on bail, but the Bollywood industry is worried: Salman Khan is a real slot machine. His films are successful and each time generate more than 60 million euros in revenue.

This resounding condemnation is at least of interest:

that of causing a debate on the protection of endangered animal species.

“If he really wants to buy back his crime, Salman Khan can now launch another foundation for the defense of these animals,” provokes animal activist Ambika Shukla provocatively in one of the many debates. TVs organized this Thursday around this case.




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