Aimar will direct Messi ... if the azulgrana continues in the selection
Aimar will direct Messi ... if the azulgrana continues in the selection

Messi Already Has A New Coach

Lionel Scaloni, former coach of  Jorge Sampaoli in Argentina, and  Pablo Aimar , coach of Sub’17, who currently lead the Sub’20 in the tournament of L’Alcudia, will be Argentina’s interim coaches while a coach is appointed in the propiety.

The announcement was made by  Claudio Tapia , president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), at a press conference after the meeting of the executive committee.

The director assured that this will allow them to seek “with time” a substitute of  Sampaoli .

“Today was very important because we agreed on the obligation for clubs to cede players for all selections, then bring a project, make a selection of selections and take the time to know who will carry out all this,” said  Tapia.

“Scaloni and Aimar will be the interim coaches to face the commitments that are assumed by the FIFA date,” he added.

The next friendlies in Argentina will be on September 7 against Guatemala in Los Angeles and on September 11 against Colombia in New York.

Tapia did not say until when will Scaloni and Aimar, who have a successful past as footballers that include the world title Sub’20 in Malaysia 1997.

“We are going to make this commission of selections, we will do an analysis, necessary meetings with figures of the selection and then evaluate later, today we have something that we did not have when we went to look for Sampaoli: the necessary time to be able to choose well,” he said. However, he later maintained that this “does not mean” that he has “chosen badly”. “When we went to look for Sampaoli, it was because we thought he was the best coach, Sampaoli could not do in Argentina what he did in Chile,” added  Tapia .

For the manager it is necessary to consider a “refoundation” of the national team. “We have to thank this generation that gave us everything, not only in the biggest but in youth, because the last titles in youth were won by them, but today we have to start a new stage,” he concluded.


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