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Riots in the demonstration on May 1 in Paris: there are at least 200 detainees

Riots in the demonstration on May 1 in Paris: there are at least 200 detainees

Riots in the demonstration on May 1 in Paris: there are at least 200 detainees

Police reported that they detected 1,200 hooded infiltrators in the peaceful march of the General Labor Confederation of France. That radical minority launched Molotov cocktails against businesses and was repressed with tear gas and hydrant trucks

Radical groups clashed with the police in central Paris on Tuesday during the May Day demonstration, called by the French General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and in which some 200 violent protesters were arrested.

The security forces had reinforced the precautions and deployed a total of 1,500 policemen and soldiers along the initially planned route, from the Place de Bastille to that of Italy, which had to be diverted by the altercations.

Shortly after the start of the march, around 16:00 (14:00 GMT), the Police posted on their Twitter account that they had detected about 1,200 masked and hooded individuals at the height of the Austerlitz Bridge, more or less Half the planned route.

Members of that group, belonging to the so-called “black blocs”, launched projectiles against the agents, who responded with gases and water cannons.

A local McDonald’s chain was damaged, as well as a car dealership and urban real estate, as garbage containers, as a result of Molotov cocktails and incendiary objects thrown by the radicals.

The French Interior Minister, Gérard Collomb, condemned “firmly” violence and vandalism, and also assured on Twitter that “everything” was made available to stop “these serious altercations to public order and arrest the perpetrators of these acts unspeakable. “

In total, as indicated at a press conference the prefect of Paris Police, Michel Delpuech, the Parisian demonstration convened within the union procession to 20,000 people and other 14,500 described as “radical” out of this, within which were the 1,200 ” black blocs “.

Last year, the police counted some 30,000 people in the capital, a figure among which did not make distinctions.

The CGT, which distanced itself from the registered violence, said instead that it had counted 55,000 people in Paris this time, 25,000 less than in 2017, and raised that number to some 210,000 people throughout the country.


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