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The AlterEgo helmet can understand your thoughts

The AlterEgo helmet can understand your thoughts
The AlterEgo headset can work connected with a television. - Screenshot Youtube / MIT Media Lab

The AlterEgo helmet can understand your thoughts

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE This new equipment uses subvocalization, a phenomenon that consists in pronouncing the words mentally ..

Technology continues to amaze and scientists innovate. The proof, once again, with this invention of the MIT researchers: a helmet dubbed AlterEgo that allows us to understand and interpret our inner thoughts. To achieve this feat, this equipment is based on subvocalization, says  RTL.

A helmet to hang behind the ear

Subvocalization is simply characterized by the mental reading of words, as when one reads in one’s head rather than loudly. This practice triggers neuromuscular signals and they are the ones the helmet will intercept.

To work, AlterEgo must be connected to another device, such as a smartphone or connected TV via a computer. Then, just hang the helmet behind the ear and the sensors at the chin.

Watch the video of MIT has a device that reads in thoughts

Wide possibilities

But what will it be able to do? On a video presentation, we can see one of the scientists behind the project navigate the menus of his television without remote control, only by thought.

By being connected to a smartphone equipped with a personal assistant, AlterEgo can also answer questions asked mentally as time.

If not for the moment that a prototype, in the future AlterEgo could be able to write an SMS or an e-mail with the thought, advance RTL. Not to mention a potential use for people who can no longer talk or who can no longer use their hands or arms.


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