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Three ways to better protect your data on Facebook

Three ways to better protect your data on Facebook

Three ways to better protect your data on Facebook

Facebook has promised “additional measures” to better protect the personal data of its users. But you can already change some parameters to go in this direction.

Facebook has promised “additional measures” to better protect the personal data of its users, Wednesday, March 28. This is a new attempt by the powerful social network to recover from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But without delay, you can already improve the protection of your data. Here are three tracks.

Manage applications that have access to your data

“The Cambridge Analytica scandal has highlighted the fact that Facebook was not the only company to own the private data we post on the social network to our friends,” said the newspaper

Since you registered, you have most certainly given access to your personal data to many third-party applications. To clean up, simply go to the settings of your account and then in the “applications”. Then it’s up to you to sort through the information you make available.

Limit the data used to target ads

You can also limit the customization of ads in your account settings, and then in the “ads” section. By clicking on “Ads Settings”, you will be able to answer “no” to the question “Do you want to see interest-based ads online?” and “Ads on apps and websites outside of Facebook businesses”.

Delete your account

Finally, if you are (really) very worried, you can follow  the “delete facebook” movement and definitely leave the social network.

To do this, simply start the process “Up to 90 days may be needed from the beginning of the removal process to delete everything you have posted,” says Facebook, adding that some of your activities stored on other accounts than yours will remain online.

“For example, a friend will always keep your messages, even after the deletion of your account”, details the social network.


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