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To Beat Porch Thieves, Amazon Slips Packages In Car Trunks

To Beat Porch Thieves, Amazon Slips Packages In Car Trunks
To Beat Porch Thieves, Amazon Slips Packages In Car Trunks

To Beat Porch Thieves, Amazon Slips Packages In Car Trunks 

The US company has announced that it has reached 100 million subscribers to its premium service.

Amazon is doing well, and better and better: the Seattle-based e-commerce giant has announced that it has reached 100 million premium subscribers.

This was the first time that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos disclosed this figure, giving a new indication of the omnipotence of the American group. 100 million paid subscribers to Prime, this delivery service that the company launched more than 13 years ago and that it qualifies as high-end, at least, is considerable. Prime has been in France since 2008, and Monoprix announced more than a fortnight ago that he had signed a partnership to distribute his food products to Prime’s customers in Paris and the suburbs. Overall, Amazon has shipped more than 5 billion products worldwide. It did not take more for the stock market to gain value in a rather gloomy Wall Street environment.

A huge base of paying customers

Amazon is still widening the gap with its competitors: with this service, Amazon has obviously created a huge base of paying customers, it is loyal. And over the years, “Prime” has become the company’s “cash machine”. The subscription alone brings him billions of dollars a year. In addition, according to estimates from a research firm, quoted by the “Wall Street Journal”, Prime subscribers spend about $ 1,300 per year. Because there are not only express deliveries: via this service, we will also find videos and music in streaming. This is saying that Amazon is still gaining ground on Netflix or Spotify platforms.

755 billion market capitalization

Nothing stops Amazon, and its growth is a shake: since the creation in 1994, the tiny online bookstore has become an e-commerce empire, boosted by the holiday season. Its turnover has reached more than 60 billion dollars, just in the last quarter of 2017. Today Amazon is estimated at 755 billion market capitalization, ahead of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. In fact, now there is only Apple and its $ 880 billion market capitalization that is heavier than Amazon. Just last year, Amazon hired 130,000 employees. In total, the group has 566,000 employees.

The shadow of the table of working conditions

Working conditions, they are considered very hard. In the warehouses, the rates are rough, and the management, controversial. In recent months, there have been several employee strikes in different locations in Germany and Italy. And again at the end of March, in the biggest logistics center in Spain, the employees went on strike to challenge the working conditions but also the low wages. This could be a limit to the development and especially the reputation of Amazon.


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