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When precious stones become beauty products

When precious stones become beauty products
When precious stones become beauty products

When precious stones become beauty products

Ruby, sapphire, pink quartz, diamonds … Precious stones and other crystals are in vogue in the matter of skincare. Their virtues would be multiple and their effectiveness certain.

Until then, you knew that precious stones were worn around the neck, fingers, wrist and even ears. Well, you know, when Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in French “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”, she was far from imagining how true she was. Indeed, precious stones also have virtues for the body and the mind. The legend even says that in ancient Egypt, the goddess Isis used pink quartz to lighten her complexion. For many beauty professionals, specialized in the exploitation of its minerals, precious stones and other crystals would work the skin of the interior thanks to a connection with the spirit which allows them to channel the energies and to boost the cellular activity and microcirculation.

Some stones and their virtues

Amethyst: would repel negative waves, prevent nightmares and facilitate relaxation, which would be more relaxed and therefore have a metabolism in form.

Diamond: known to be indestructible, beauty products containing this precious stone make excellent exfoliants and strengthen the nails and hair.

Pearls: As an ingredient, pearls help bring shine and shine to hair, skin and nails.

Ruby: help fight against stress, chronic fatigue and accentuate determination.


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